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April 24, 2009

Little AJ

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AJ, 5 months, before surgery....

AJ, 5 months, before surgery....

Right after his surgery...

Right after his surgery...

Recovering nicely.....  =)

Recovering nicely..... =)

Almost a smile....

Almost a smile....

A little swollen, but just about back to being all boy.... =D

A little swollen, but just about back to being all boy.... =D

This little guy was born with all of the plates in his head fused together….he just went through a very successful surgery.  Getting this update tonight got me right back on track to where I need to be.  A note from Grandma states “I just can’t even imagine going through what he did and having my skull clamped back on and then 100 stitches and you would never think he went through all of this today except that he’s not sleeping too well because he has to sleep on this blue donut and he can’t roll over on his side but he tries so hard. It’s so cute to see him lift both legs up straight in the air while he’s sleeping and try to roll over on his side. He’s amazing! I felt such peace and only lost it one day, the day after his surgery because he was so swollen that he couldn’t even smile and to see his mommy and daddy in such heartache just broke my heart and I had to leave for awhile.”

“I just got home last night and am exhausted but have cried many tears of joy as I am still in awe with how our Lord Jesus has worked in all our lives getting us through everything the past few weeks, actually months. I am just overwhelmed beyond my comprehension at this time and am expecting reality to hit me at any moment as I have time to reflect on the past few weeks events.”

I don’t know how people do it without Him, thank you Lord for your perfect timing once again to bring You back, front and center…I think I’ll go worship now….


April 23, 2009

All for One, or All for me….

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Philippians 2:1-4 “So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.  Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility, count others more significant than yourselves.  Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

Let’s get right to the point.  Satan loves it when he splits relationships, especially amongst the brethren.  He loves when he can have the control of people who vow never to speak again as that would mean possible reconciliation.  When he accomplishes this task, he sits back and laughs.  If he can’t destroy the doctrine, he’ll attack the unity of the body.

Unity is a precious gift of the Spirit.  It should be prized, sought out and guarded at all costs.  Once it is lost, it is hard to regain, but not impossible if you truly have the heart of Christ.   Paul understood this truth well.

Verse 1 contains four “if” statements.  They are not “ifs” that express doubt.  In the Greek, this particular grammatical form actually expresses a certainty – “If such-and-such is true- and I know it is….”  The “ifs” of verse 1 express truths that the Philippians would readily assent to:

Yes, they had been encouraged by their union with Christ.  Yes, they had experienced God’s love.  Yes, they had enjoyed the fellowship of God’s Spirit.  Yes, they had received an outpouring of mercy from God.  Paul says, in light of all that, it shouldn’t be such a great thing to ask that you maintain the unity God has given you.  It’s not as if God says, “Do this and I will bless you”, but rather “I have blessed you, now do this.”

There is a unity Paul calls ut to in verse 2.  A shared mind, a shared heart, a shared soul, and sometimes shared mud.   Verses 3 & 4 tell us about the attitudes that lead to unity.  No more selfish ambition.  A competetive spirit that destroys unity by dividing the church into groups and cliques.  No more vain conceit.  Arrogance…empty ideas which are loudly spoken and cause great pain to other people of God.

I read recently where someone once asked St. Augustine, “What is the first mark of true religion?”  “Humility,” he relplied.  “And the second mark?” “Humility”. “And the third mark?” Humility.”  Unless you humble yourself before the Lord you will continue to fail in everything you attempt for the Lord.

Paul calls us to esteem others as better than ourselves, he uses a word that means “far surpassing.”  Want the JOY that is our strength?  Jesus, Others, You…..

Want to really grow in your walk and ministry?  Think less about your abilities and more about your imperfections.  Want to kick some demon butt?  Stop running away and hiding, instead turn around, face it, and talk it out….

Take out a sheet of paper and list as many character defects that you possess and ask the tough questions…give it to the One who can make a difference….

Do I love to argue too much?  Do I worry whether others recognize my contributions?  Am I secretly envious at the success of others?  Am I conscious or even care what others think of me?  How much time do I spend talking about myself and not others?   Can I ever say  “I was wrong?”  Do I solve the problem by removing the person so I don’t have to see my own sin?

I don’t think the problem is lack of information, or knowing what He wants from us.  He has already given us the tools to obey.  We need Him to do it tho…..We need Him to give us the heart and mind of Christ, that we may live as He did, for others. 

April 22, 2009

Gotta love a little Lincoln…

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April 21, 2009

This is just funny……

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Just click on the link…. 😉

April 20, 2009

Small Rant

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It seems that day in and day out,  I get bombarded with “pro-gay” propaganda.  It seems to be relentless.  You can’t open a newspaper or magazine, listen to the radio, or turn on the TV without someone, somewhere pounding the “glory of gayness” into your brain.

It’s working, people are becoming desensitized….the enemies  little ploy  of having a continuous flood of gay-related advertising, presented in the least offensive fashion possible is getting people a little warmed up to the idea.  If we straight, religious people can’t shut off the shower, we may at least get used to being wet, right?  I’m sorry, but they are not talking about advertising a product, they are advertising homosexuality….so yes, every once in awhile I’m gonna bring it up, and it NOT OK….

Even pro-gay theology takes a step forward by redefining homosexuality as being “God-ordained and morally permissible.”  “I have learned to accept and even celebrate my sexual orientation as another of God’s good gifts.”  Wow, blinders are thick here…

When God is reputed to sanction what He has already clearly forbidden, then a religious travesty is being played out, and boldly.  Confronting it is necessary because it asks us to confirm professing Christians in their sin, when we are Biblically commanded to do just the opposite.  As Christ’s ambassadors on the earth, we unfaithfully represent Him if a professing believer’s ongoing sin has no effect on our relationship with that believer…which is, in essence, what Paul told the Thessalonians.

I will never condone homosexuality, I am against the blatant sin, not the people…anyone who knows me knows that.  But I for one, will not just let it slide with a “live and let live” attitude.  It’s wrong, and it’s hard to know where to start to come against it.  Another spiritual battle just like any other I’m sure, but especially for people in a gay lifestyle, and embracing it while trying to lead a Christian lifestyle, it is growing daily in scope and influence.  With the love Christ showed while weeping over Jerusalem, and the anger He displayed when clearing the Temple, I think the Church needs to step up to the plate and respond.

Simple Question

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Can you go to Hell for bad theology?

April 19, 2009

Way too cute….

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April 14, 2009

Are you sensitive to your sin?

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Or do you you just explain it away…..

I’ve heard this before, it gets me every time….I welcome discussion, thoughts….

April 13, 2009


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It’s  probably an old thought by now, but yesterday 5 more soldiers were brought home.  I know that if it were someone “important”, there would be days of biographies, life stories and national grieving.   Five more, as we near the mark of 5,000 lives laid down for our country.  Today I choose to honor the one I could actually find information on. 

The Father’s heart is amazing, one that my husband and I share for our own son now in Iraq.  Read the last statement of the Father at the bottom, it could not describe our Michael’s heart better. 

“You have to be able to stand there, know that he died for a reason, and then salute him for that reason.”

Today, I stand and salute Corporal Jason Pautsch: corporal-jason-pautsch

A true hero in my eyes, brought home yesterday:


The story:

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. — On a chilly Easter night, two days after his son and four of his fellow soldiers were killed in Iraq, David Pautsch watched their remains arrive on a jumbo jet during a somber, half-hour ceremony.

“You see these five caskets, flag-draped, it’s sobering beyond belief,” Pautsch told The Associated Press afterward. “There’s no music in the background, but just the stark reality of those caskets laying there against the backdrop of this huge 747.

“You’re just sobered, and you have to come to grips with the finality of it all. It provides good closure. You realize that this is the end.”

The arrival of the five soldiers was the fourth dignified transfer ceremony to be open to the media since the Pentagon ended an 18-year ban on press coverage of the events. Corporal Jason Pautsch’s father and two brothers were the first family members of a fallen soldier to speak with media afterward.

White-gloved soldiers and airmen meticulously carried the five flag-draped transfer cases from the jet to a truck, which took them to the military’s largest mortuary. The silence was broken only by the cries of children, the hum of the aircraft and the cameras of photographers who were allowed to attend.

The Pautschs’ trip to Dover from Davenport, Iowa, and their decision to describe the ceremony were both intended to honor Jason, who they said often felt that soldiers were not properly appreciated for their sacrifices.

“He despised the cowardly attitude of a lot of the politicians that brought into question the value of what they were doing over there,” David Pautsch said. “He despised the idea that so many Americans were too gutless to stand up for what they believed.”

Pautsch, 20, and the four other soldiers were killed Friday when a suicide bomber driving a truck detonated a ton of explosives near a police headquarters in the northern city of Mosul. It was the deadliest attack against U.S. troops in more than a year.

The U.S. military said the bombers targeted Iraqi police and the Americans were caught up as bystanders. Two Iraqi policemen also were killed in the midmorning blast near the Iraqi National Police headquarters. At least 62 people, including one American soldier and 27 civilians, were wounded, officials said.

The other soldiers killed were: Staff Sgt. Gary L. Woods Jr., 24, of Lebanon Junction, Ky.; Staff Sgt. Bryan E. Hall, 25, of Elk Grove, Calif.; Sgt. Edward W. Forrest Jr., 25, of St. Louis; and Private Second Class Bryce E. Gautier, 22, of Cypress, Calif.

Jason Pautsch’s older brother, 23-year-old Jared, said he used his training as a private in the 82nd Airborne Division to keep his emotions in check during the ceremony.

“I wasn’t going to stand there and bawl my eyes out,” Jared said. “Some people had to be strong. You can shed a couple tears, but in the end, it’s still freezing cold out, and you’ve got to stand there saluting your brother’s body as it’s going away. There’s no time to stand there and break down.

“You have to be able to stand there, know that he died for a reason, and then salute him for that reason.”

Jason Pautsch graduated from high school a semester early, blowing off the senior prom and being able to graduate with his friends so he could enlist in the Army, his father and brothers said. He was a thrill-seeker who enjoyed hunting and BMX biking in his spare time.

David Pautsch, who owns an advertising agency in Davenport, had a long phone conversation with his son about 12 hours before he died. The news was a shock, he said, because they had talked so recently. But he said his son, a born-again Christian, wasn’t afraid to be killed.

“It’s a noble thing to lay down your life for someone else. Basically, when you join the Army, you give the Army a blank check to include your life. And they cashed it,” David said. “God is bringing good out of this. And he understood that.”

April 11, 2009

Just can’t get past this song…

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what can separate me now….

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