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August 28, 2009

Leave the sugar coating to the cookies please

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With many non-Christ-followers in my life, not just on-line, but in my everyday life, I watch them struggle with the claims of Christianity.  And who can blame them?  Our Biblical evangelicalism is at times hollow at best and will not reach people if we are putting our own theology into practice.  If we stick to Biblical evangelism, the critics have little choice but to be silenced.

I used to think that evangelizing to people meant “telling others about Jesus”, which, far too many times meant that I was telling others about myself and how Christianity impacted my life.  Ask someone to define evangelism for you and I think you would discover that they are often confused about the the relationship between their testimony and personal experience, as opposed to that of Biblical witness to Jesus Christ.  Who do you talk about when you try to “convert” someone?   Do you recount facts from the Bible or yourself?  Are you scared to use words such as “sin” and “wrath”?  Chances are the words love, forgiveness and mercy flow with no problem.

Before I can even talk about sharing Christ with others, I have to be very clear about who Jesus is and understand the nature of His saving work.  I have to be able to get it right, before I try to get it out.   I believe in telling people truth in love, but I think it is important to understand what telling the truth is.

You don’t have to be a great theologian to engage in evangelism.  In fact, those who “know” that haven’t “experienced” are really hard for me to swallow.  They just don’t seem to get it, and for that reason alone can lead people astray by not understanding the ministry part of the walk and not experiencing first who He truly is through ministry.   We should however have a grasp on Biblical doctrine, enough to be able to turn in the Word of God, and effectively explain who HE is including topics such as sin, His love, His wrath, His mercy…ALL of Him.  The depth of depravity without Him should be key when explaining our God, and how helpless we truly are without Him.  God is eternal, uncreated, everything that was created was by Him and for Him,  dependent on Him for its very existence.

He alone is immutable, infinite, simple, omniscient and omnipresent.  Complete opposite of creation itself.  He is transcendent, hidden to us, (unless He chooses to reveal Himself  by revelation), and incomprehensible.  He is described in scripture as having infinite measure of the attributes of Holiness, love, truth, righteousness, mercy and long-suffering.

We have to take seriously the effects of the Fall that placed all of humanity under God’s curse.  No one is innocent before God.  There is a wage to be earned by sin…….death.  Everyone born, will die.  We are born with a sinful nature, which makes us hostile toward God, unwilling and unable to do His will.  Sin effects the entire person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  There is no part within us that is not damaged by sin.  Because of our sinful state, we will not come to God in faith if left to ourselves, how can we?  Then the good news…

God has chosen us.  God has not only determined who will be saved, but how it will happen.  This alone means, that  we need to be concerned about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth…we have to take it to people and teach them that faith is not the one work we have to do to be saved, it is simply the reception of the saving benefits of Jesus Christ.  It is not the assent to the truth of a Christian religion, it is a trust in Jesus Christ.  Scriptures are clear about how sinners come to faith in Christ through the means of the gospel….we are called, regenerated and converted, we exercise our faith in Christ and repentance, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be afraid in walking through the depravity of who we are before Christ.  To me it is really doing them a disservice, and diminishes what Christ did on the cross.  I believe it is important to state facts clearly , “Jesus said”, “Jesus did”, pray for wisdom, and remember it can take some time.  Our job title is not, Holy Spirit. 🙂

**** This blog entry is evangelism with no sugar…just the way it is.****

We have been warned…


  1. Good Morning Chris:

    Me? Raise issues? pshaw 😉

    Hopefully I can help reconcile.

    You have one heart surgeon who has read “The Book” on heart surgery along with every other book about the book that they can get their hands on, and so far has about a 5% success rate in actual heart surgery. You have another heart surgeon who has learned how to perform heart surgery by doing it and studying as they go, having about a 95% success rate. Which one would you go to? Which one is the real heart surgeon?

    I’m always thinking….. 🙂


    Comment by Debs — August 29, 2009 @ 6:45 am

  2. Good post this morning. I want to ask one question about something that confuses me.

    You claim you don’t have to be a good theologian, but then list lots of theological things we need to know well before being able to share.

    Can you help me reconcile the two? Alot of issues you raise are very theological and the implications of such things gets into a lot of deep theology over free will, predestination, the divinity of Christ, validity of the Scriptures and the like.

    Keep on thinking. . .


    Comment by EvangelismCoach — August 29, 2009 @ 5:45 am

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