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December 7, 2009

Finding Fulfillment

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There is quite a difference to me between being filled and being fulfilled.  If you have ever fasted, you know the difference.  All fulfillment, regardless of your circumstances, comes from God.  It is not something we can create, it is something we receive.

Have you ever thought that you knew exactly what you needed only to find out that your plans were way off from God’s mark?  It’s wonderful for us to make plans and dream our dreams, but in the end our fulfillment isn’t a byproduct of our own ingenuity.  It is in discovering what purpose, as an individual child of God, He has for our life, and following through with it.

I was thinking about Mary this morning, she faced a few challenges.  Unmarried and pregnant, I can’t imagine Joseph was very pleased.  As bias as people can be nowadays with unwed mothers, I can imagine what it was like back in the day and in their culture.  Mary would have been treated with contempt by nearly everyone, and her story of a virgin birth???  But, it was the road God called her to walk.  Difficult but necessary to fulfill His plan in her life.  In the long run, Mary’s struggle has helped bring meaning and fulfillment to humanity for 2000 years now.

We are going to find challenges as we follow God’s calling.  He doesn’t typically call people to go with the flow and be like everyone else.  He puts us into situations that force us to be outside of our comfort zones.  He is constantly challenging our very limited self perception and stretches our souls to become more than we ever knew…. this rarely happens without adversity.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, hang on to the fact that we will be fulfilled, satisfied and brought to completion.  Christ came tat we may know God and enjoy Him forever.  The road to fulfillment will be filled with surprises and challenges, but one thing is true, only in Christ will the deepest longing of our soul be satisfied, both here and forever.


December 2, 2009

In His will or not?

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I understand that God allows trials and tribulations in our lives to strengthen, test and build our faith.   I don’t think the leper in Matthew 8:2 would have come to Jesus is he had been in perfect health.  How about the blind man in Luke 18:35?   God above all understands suffering.

I am also thinking that we as Christians have a duty to live a Christ-honoring life, and to be obedient.  If we are dabbling in something that is not of Him, He will be faithful to bring us back to where we need to be, even if it means calamity to get our attention.

So here’s the question:  How do we know if it is simply a series of trials to strengthen our faith (which means we are in His will and God is allowing the enemy is doing what he can to throw us,  etc) OR He is seriously trying to get our attention (which means we are not in His will, and He is allowing things to happen to turn us back..)…….

Both are found in scripture.. either could apply.  Just wanting some input 🙂

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